Dental Apron with Collar (Thyroid Protection) RD644

MAVIG’s products offer solid protection and optimized functionality.
The dental apron model RD644 is used for images when sitting and offers
high flexibility and wearing comfort. RD644 protects the whole shoulder
area down to the gonads.

The practical hook & burr fastener at the thyroid protective collar ensures
that it can be put on securely and quickly, with an exact fit. Loops on the
back make it possible to fix the RD644 to the dental chair.

Model RD644 is designed as a reversible X-ray dental apron for patients.
The design allows you to choose between a single-colour or two-colour


Protective Material:   Standard lead
Lead Equivalent:   Pb 0.50 mm


Outer Material:   ComforTex HPMF
Colours: Curacao
  Indian Summer
  Teddy Design


Sizes: Adults Front: 90.0 x 60.0 cm (L x W, without collar)
  Children Front: 70.0 x 45.0 cm (L x W, without collar)
Closure:   Practical hook & burr fastener at the neck
Loops:   On the back, to fix the RD644
to the dental chair


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