Breast Protection RP270 for Women

MAVIG’s breast protection was specially designed for the protection of the
mammary gland area of the patients during mammographic radiation procedures.

As all of our protection the RP270 offers solid protection and optimized functionality.
The protector consists of two parts, each 18 x 40 cm (W x H), joined by an adaptable
hook & burr closure for a comfortable fit and easy size adjustment.


  • Lead Equivalent: Pb 0.50 mm – NovaLite X-ray protective material
  • Size: Universal
  • Colours: Outer Cover ComforTex® HPMF, available in:
    Curacao, Limette, Regatta, Indian Summer, Ocean, Lagoon,
    Orchidee and Teddy Design
  • Edging: All edges are covered with a seem band.


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