RD614 – Patient Thyroid and Sternum Protection

The thyroid is a radiation-sensitive organ of the human body which
requires particular protection.

Our thyroid and sternum protector is characterised by its first-class cut
and the best fit, taking into account all aspects of radiation protection.

A simple, optionally replaceable hook & burr fastener ensures
sufficient room for adjustment.


Our patient protection products conform to the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC.


Protection:   Standard lead X-ray protective material
Lead Equivalent:   Pb 0.50 mm


Outer Material:   ComforTex HPMF
Colours: Curacao
  Indian Summer
  Teddy Design


Neck Sizes
  Standard size fits most neck sizes
For Model: RD614E Adults: 32 – 45 cm
  RD614K Children: 28 – 36 cm
  RD614EAK Adults: 37 – 50 cm
  RD614KAK Children: 28 – 36 cm
Hygienic Cover:   Washable hygienic cover made of the special ComforTex MF material in the colour “Ocean”
  RD614EF For adults
  RD614KF For children


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