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X-ray protective clothing for the radiation user falls under the EU directive
for personal protective equipment (PPE) and has more obligations regarding
production and quality assurance than general medical devices.


The wide MAVIG portfolio provides the following:

Allround Protection
for the User
Front Protection
for the User
Additional PPE
X-Ray Protective Products
Costume RA631
Apron RA640
Coat RA632
Apron RA641 Thyroid Protection RA614
  Apron RA650 Eye Protection
  Apron RA660 Protective Gloves


Only companies who are correctly certified according to the European legislation
are allowed to produce X-ray protective clothing for the radiation user. Moreover,
every single model needs a CE-type examination. This means time and effort,
which is completely justified in terms of health and life of the user.

MAVIG and its products provide you with the safety of purchasing admissible
products, that comply with all necessary directives and standards.


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