X-Ray Protective Glasses – Model BR310

Design: Tortoise design (shades of brown), unisex

The X-ray protective glasses BR310 have slightly curved glasses and a protection
of Pb 0.75 mm. The frame is made of an extremely durable plastic that ensures
easy cleaning and good resistance to chemicals (disinfectant agents).

The BR310 comes with a storage case and a soft head band.

MAVIG uses only protective lenses of the highest quality. This guaranties the
best light transmission values and a maximum lens break resistance. An ideal
composition of the protective material results in a high level X-ray absorption,
and optimized production processes achieve an absolute homogeneous
allocation of the glass additives.

The quality features of our glasses make them perfect for the use
in the medical environment:

Great frame stability through high-grade synthetic materials
Optimized balance of sturdy, light-weight frame and lenses
Minimized risk of injury due to shape and used components
Low allergy risk due to carefully chosen materials
Easy cleaning and superior resistance against chemical influences
Wide and flexible head band for a comfortable fit
For this model prescription lenses are available: Single and bifocal


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