VivaScan®: Software for confocal laser scanning microscopy using VivaScope® devices. 


The current version of the software VivaScan® (Version 7) for VivaScope® devices easily and comfortably creates, manages, and edits patient data records. Patient archives can be individually expanded with image directories, for example, and files can be exported at any time with a simple mouse click. Mini images - thumbnails - provide a preview.
VivaScan® is easy to use and easy to navigate software. The simple user interface does not distract from the task at hand: patient images are quickly created, assessed, and stored. All system settings are accessible from a menu. All data are depicted in tree diagrams for easy and quick access. Thumbnails simplify the menu navigation additionally. Patient images can be previewed without actually opening the file. The user receives an easy to navigate overview of all important patient information when opening a patient file. Information about the respective patient as well as session data are displayed in the taskbar. The images of the corresponding session are depicted in the display. 


Several automated acquisition routines are available:
A "VivaBlock®" is a survey of multiple frames in the X/Y directions, within a single plane / skin level at a fixed depth.  VivaBlock® has a size of max. 8 x 8 mm.  The "VivaStack®" function permits a survey of multiple frames along the Z axis, going deeper into the tissue.  The "VivaCube®" is a survey which combines the features of the Block and Stack functions.  The number of levels, change in depth, and size of the area of the VivaCube® can be selected as needed.


  • Application software based on Windows XP
  • Scanning control
  • On-screen automatic laser power control
  • Laser axis shift in direction of x, y, z, motor-driven via control software
  • Patient information input and recording (text-based)
  • Depicted images can be saved as Windows bitmap files (.bmp).
  • Images are individually saved based on context ("capture"), with consecutive ID suffix (e.g. subject ID.1, 2. 3, etc.)
  • Viewable section:
    • X & Y axis movement: VivaBlock® is saved in full resolution
    • Z axis layering depth ("stack"): Unlimited number of frames with VivaStack®
    • Simplified stack generation
  • VivaCube®: Combination of VivaStack® and VivaBlock®. The device automatically generates layer images of a selected skin region of up to 8x8 mm.
  • Integrated measuring and commenting tools


Additional modules are available for models VivaScope®1500 and VivaScope® 1500 Multilaser:

  • Electronic Zoom (VS-EZ): Images are enlarged 1.7x without image quality or information loss. The multilaser devices deliver a 1.3x zoom.
  • Automatic Image Control (VS-AIC): Optimizes and automatically adjusts the laser power and thereby provides the best possible image illumination.
  • Video Capture Software Module (VS-Video-Option): With integrated AVI video option recording dynamic processes.
  • Combo Ready (VS-Combo-Ready): Second connection (deserializer board and cable) for the subsequent retrofitting and connection of a VivaScope® 3000 (handheld unit).


Video Capture Software Module

The video capture software module makes it possible to capture entire image sequences of confocal images in the form of video. Video captures are saved on the hard drive as AVI movies. Users can also view and edit images and videos outside of the VivaScope® application since a standardized industry video format is being used. For example, data can be sent to colleagues or researchers worldwide or the data can be used in presentations or for advertising purposes. Menu options are used to generate, stop or end recorded video. Video clips are then viewed within the VivaScope application software the same as other images and collections.


Automatic Image Control

This feature automatically adjusts the image intensity to deliver the best possible image quality. Automatic Image Control (AIC) can be enabled or disabled by the user as needed. This tool is a combination of software and hardware providing the user with the opportunity to activate a control algorithm for the laser circuit. Laser power is automatically adjusted to optimize the illumination of the confocal images. AIC functions during all scan applications.


Electronic Zoom

Electronic Zoom 1.0x

Electronic Zoom 1.7x

The image can be enlarged (zoomed) from 1 x to 1.7 x (500 µm to 300 µm). 


The resolution remains unchanged, the scan angle is reduced, and the sample rate increased. All other functions of the VivaScope® remain available while using the electronic zoom
including VivaStacks®, VivaBlocks®, VideoCaptures, and all other individual captured images.



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