Quantification software for cosmetic research applications of confocal laser scanning microscopy using VivaScope® devices


The newly developed software ConfoScan is expected to be available in the middle of 2011. The planned application areas are as follows: Thickness measurement of the stratum corneum, quantification of melanin, determination of size, shape, and number of different skin cells and dermal papillae. This definitely constitutes progress for these application areas: the quantification parameters of the images can be digitized and represented numerically. 


The development and use of the applications is continuously being optimized. Quantitative and qualitative image processing is made possible - color nuances and shapes can be analyzed with image editing functions. 


Additional ConfoScan Functions

  • Managing, processing, and comparative analysis of the images
    (definition and optimization of the generated examination documents)
  • Image-based assessment (precise analysis of the generated images)
  • Option of marking examined areas
  • Measurement on a plane:
    • Relief structure of the stratum corneum and the dermis; determining number, density and distribution of the pigmented basal cells within a cross-section or a mosaic
    • Condition, density and distribution of the dermal papillae
    • Condition of the collagen-elastin network


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