The digital camera VivaCam® is a practical accessory for the VivaScope® devices of the 1500 series. It is a hand-operated full video dermoscopic camera with HDplus quality delivering a macroscopic image of skin that correlates with the confocal image of the microscope. This makes it possible to provide detailed and comparative examinations of the selected skin regions.


VivaCam®: full video dermoscopic camera with HD plus quality for confocal laser scanning microscopy

The macroscopic assessment of the surface of lesions and skin layers directly underneath: That is the task of the VivaCam®, a full video dermoscopic  camera with HDplus quality. The flexible VivaCam® is connected to VivaScope® 1500 devices via a USB port. No complex illumination of the surrounding area is required for reliably high dermatoscopic image quality of the VivaCam®. The camera's light source is powered by the USB interface. All images of the hand-operated VivaCam® are automatically assigned to the current patient data record. The VivaCam® produces a 5 megapixel image of a 10 mm field.  This magnified view allows a differentiated examination of the skin areas in question.
The VivaCam® can be positioned on skin with the standard ring of the VivaScope® 1500 model series. This makes it possible to correlate the macroscopic image and the confocal images generated by the VivaScope®. Since both devices are electronically linked, it is possible to navigate within the macroscopic image to specify areas for the subsequent microscopic viewing with the VivaScope®.
The VivaScan® software module can be used to manage and view generated screen sequences, macroscopic images, videos, and confocal images easily and comfortably.


VivaCam® Technical Data

  • Viewable section, individual image: 10 mm x 10 mm (usable screen section)
  • Resolution: 5 megapixels, color depth: 24 bits



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