Lead Acrylic Shield OT80001, -02, -03

MAVIG’s products are designed to offer solid protection and optimized
functionality. The high quality acrylic shield allows for an excellent
transmittance and unimpeded view.

All edges and corners have been rounded and shatter-proof materials
are used to minimize risk of injury.

MAVIG’s patented Portegra2 suspension arm provides its industry
known safety features and movement flexibility. The laterally guided
shield provides increased protection with its flexible drape panels,
better shielding the user from scattered radiation eminating from
the patient’s body.

MAVIG X-ray protective shields are made out of high quality lead
acrylic and are available in several standard variants:


Lead Acrylic Shield: OT80001 40 x 30 cm (W x H)
laterally guided
  OT80002 50 x 38 cm (W x H)
laterally guided
  OT80003 76 x 35 cm (W x H)
laterally guided
Lead Equivalent:   Pb 0.50 mm
Lead Rubber Panels: each 35 cm in length multiple flexible panels
with hygienic covers


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