Radionex® AS100 Sterile Radiation Protective Drapes

Radionex protective drapes consists of a lead-free, protective inner material,

which can be simply disposed of after use. The application-specific designs
of Radionex drapes provide perfect protection for the physician without
influencing the way they work.

In addition, special adhesive strips on the backside of the drape allow for
easy re-positioning to make sure it does not conflict with the imaging field.
The outer material of Radionex is made of an absorbent fabric to keep fluids
such as blood and saline.

These features make Radionex an easy addition to any physician’s radiation
protection system, without noticing any difference in clinical procedure.

  • Sterile / disposable – No cross contamination
  • Lead free material – Environmentally friendly
  • Dose reduction up to 95 %
  • Supports ALARA radiation safety principle
    (as low as reasonable achievable)
  • Repositionable – Does not affect physician’s work routine
  • Fluid absorbent outer material
  • Available in different levels of protection: Low/Medium/High


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