GD72 (stationary) and GD76 (for MAVIG® ceiling track 335) – The smart monitor suspension system

A maximum weight load capacity of up to 35 kg (77.1 lbs), a flexible spring arm with internal cabling – these are generally features of much larger systems. Thanks to this, the GD72 is a great compact alternative when only one to three monitors, but also internal cabeling are required.

With the use of the spring arm, the monitors can be easily positioned. The patented MAVIG® ceiling track systems enable a larger range of movement, but are still easy to install and offer a maximum of safety.

  • Stationary mounted – GD72
  • For MAVIG® ceiling track 335 – GD76
  • Max. weight load < 35 kg / 77.1 lbs
  • Number of monitors: 1-3
  • Internal cabling

Attention: We strongly recommend inspection of the ceiling load capacity before installation. Mounting should only be done by qualified personnel.


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