GD60 – The versatile monitor suspension system for up to 8 monitors

Our patented Cardanic joint, automatic weight balancing, friction free operation, internal cabling as well as rapid adjustment to different monitor sizes are only some of the many features that distinguish the MAVIG GD60 from other monitor suspension systems.

The GD60 is one of the most frequently bought systems. Designed for heavy load conditions, it is the ideal solution if multiple monitors or large displays are needed. The Cardanic joint allows rapid movement of the system in case of emergency, eliminates the effects of friction, and enhances the system life.

  • Different models stationary mounted or with tracks (OEM or 710mm MAVIG track)
  • Quantity of monitors: 1-8
  • Single display sizes up to 60″
  • Max. weight load (monitors and cables) up to 73 kg / 160.9 lbs
  • Cardanic joint for more security in case of collision
  • Internally precabled, each cable with a length of 30 m

Attention: We strongly recommend inspection of the ceiling load capacity before installation. Mounting should only be done by qualified personnel.


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