Height-Adjustable, Mobile X-Ray Protective Shield WD257

Height-Adjustable, Mobile X-Ray Protective Shield WD257

The True Allrounder in Radiation Protection.

A classic model for multi-modality radiological personal protection where
upper and lower body protection are combined in one mobile system.
The upper section of the WD257 consists of a transparent lead acrylic panel
with a Pb value of 0.50 mm and 70 cm in width.

The lower shield section is comprised of a steel body with a grey-white
varnished finish (RAL 9002). The base has a Pb value of 1.00 mm and
measures 78 cm x 95 cm (WxH).

The shield is adjustable in height from 115 cm (minimum height of the shield)
to 188 cm (maximum height of the shield). In both cases, the measurements
are from the upper edge of the shield to the floor. The lead acrylic panel is
easily height-adjustable and retracts within its steel base.



  • WD2571: Mobile shield with a transparent and height-adjustable
    lead acrylic panel and a lead equivalent of Pb 1.00 mm for the steel
    body / Pb 0.50 mm for the lead acrylic panel
  • WD2572: Mobile shield similar to WD2571 with accessory rail


  • Steel body incl. rolling, electroconductive casters: Width 78 cm (30.7 in),
    height 105 cm (41.3 in)
  • Smooth adjustable lead acrylic shield: Width 70 cm (27.6 in)
  • Overall height: 115 cm (45.3 in) to 188 cm (74.0 in)
  • Accessory rail, 9 x 25 mm, for equipment up to 4 kg (only WD2572)


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