Mobile X-Ray Protective Shield WD254

Mobile X-Ray Protective Shield WD254

This classic model combines upper and lower body as well as side protection
in one single mobile system. The shield is made of a 80 cm center main section
with two foldable 60 cm side walls, which can be positioned in any angle
from 60° – 120°.

A 30 x 40 cm lead glass, observation window has been integrated into the center
of the shield. Due to its smooth rolling casters, the shield can be conveniently
and easily moved.

The shield is composed of an outer plastic laminated wood in RAL 9002
and is inner lined with lead sheeting. Depending on your needs, MAVIG
offers the mobile shield WD254 in two different lead equivalent values
of 1.00 mm Pb (WD2541B) and 2.00 mm Pb (WD2542B).


Dimensions shield with lead glas window: Width 60+80+60 cm, Height 200 cm
Overall dimensions: Width 159.6 cm, Height 204.2 cm (incl. casters)

Dimensions lead glasswindow: Width 30 cm, Height 40 cm


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