Coopdech Wet Disinfectant Mat

Stop contamination at your foot step!! -WET DISINFECTANT MAT, specially designed mats both clean and sanitize. Prevent bacteria adhered to the floor from spreading. (US Patent No.5792712 Japanese Patent No.3450090)

WET DISINFECTANT MAT is composed of water absorbing unwoven fabrics of rayon impregnated with the disinfectants benzalkonium chloride and an alkaline agent.

With 2sizes to choose from Large-1000X600 (mm) and Standard-500X600 (mm), these are convenient for cleaning and maintaining. It fits most doorways. For larger passage place two or more mats together, anywhere you want to limit the spread of contamination. 250mL of water per Large mat is sprinkled twice a day during use, which elutes the disinfectants gradually and causes them to exert a bactericidal effect. 100mL of water for standard mat.

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