Genous CoCr

EPC Capturing Technology

Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) play a crucial role in vascular repair and endothelialization.

  • EPCs were first described by Asahara in 1996 as circulating CD34+ cells with the potential to differentiate into endothelial cells 
  • EPCs are bone marrow-derived cells that are mobilized in response to tissue or vessel injury and incorporate into the sites of injury
  • EPC capture is central to our healing technology
  • Endothelial coverage is a histological predictor of stent thrombosis after stent placement

How does Genous facilitate EPC capture and endothelialization?

Design and Materials

The Genous CoCr stent has a unique dual helix design that provides natural conformability and tremendous radial strength without compromising its extreme flexibility.


Squared Ends

– for lesion coverage and minimal foreshortening


Dual Helix Backbone

– for flexibility, radial strength and natural conformability


Clinical Program

At OrbusNeich, we remain relentless in our commitment to improving the long-term quality of life for patients.

Driven by our mission to be global leaders in life-changing vascular technologies, we work together with our physician partners to understand and meet clinical needs.

Key Clinical Findings

Note: BMS and EPC capture stents were implanted in an AV shunt in 15 patients undergoing elective PCI for up to 2 hours

Note: EPC capture stents were implanted in 384 patients

Technical Specifications

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