Occlutech PLD


Paravalvular leak closure






The Occlutech PLD is an ideal device for closing paravalvular leaks as it offers a range of unique features

  • Optimal positioning by two gold markers.
  • Repositionable and fully retrievable.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • Available with different design options for different PVL morphologies Rectangular and Square.









The Occlutech PLD is specifically designed to meet the needs in paravalvular leak closure. The design of the device allows alignment over the leak and therefore the ability to achieve complete closure. The device can be delivered from various routes (transapical or transfemoral) using small delivery catheters

  • First CE marked device specifically designed for the closure of the PVL.
  • Improved device success.1
  • High success rate in achieving complete closure.2
  • No interference with the prosthetic valve leaflets.
  • No interference with flow dynamics.3





   Typical half-moon shaped paravalvular leak.                                                 Paravalvular leak closed with Occlutech PLD (61PLD10W).




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