Occlutech PFO Occluder


Designed for excellence and safety




The Flex II PFO occluder enables physicians to simplify implantations and achieve state-of-the-art results1 with a steep learning curve

  • The unique ball-connection between pusher and Occluder safely locks it, while it freely follows the anatomy. Once in place it is easy and fast to deliver.
  • Handknitted biocompatible PET-patch allow immediate verification of occlusion effect by Ultrasound and X-Ray.
  • Titanium oxide coverered Nitinol shows the best values of biocompatibility2 and minimized Nickel release.3
  • Optimized braiding: No hub and reduced material on left arterial disc guarantees better ingrowth.






Over 50,000 PFO occluders have been delivered to over 80 countries around the world, with excellent track record regarding performance and safety

  • Excellent periprocedual outcome and excellent 3 months TEE-follow up results for PFO reshunting.4
  • Mean procedure time: less than 30 minutes with decreased fluoroscopic time.4







 TEE cross section of an optimally implanted PFO Occluder.        The hubless distal disc in 3-D TEE projection                            The Flex II in X-ray view.





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