Occlutech PDA Occluder


A step forward in PDA occlusion





The Occlutech PDA Occluder is an ideal occluder to close the defects in morphologically different configurations ranging from small tunnel shaped ducts to large oval shunts


  • Wide range of diameter options.
  • Different shank length options (standard and long shank).
  • Low aortic profile without distal protruding hub.
  • Protrusion toward the aortic side and embolization risk is very low due to wider pulmonary artery side than the aortic side.
  • High radial holding force to the pulmonary artery at end of the ductus.
  • High flexibility and adaptability with unique braiding structure.



The design of the Occlutech PDA Occluder allows rapid occlusion of the defect without any distal clamp  

  • High procedural success.1
  • 100 % closure rate at 30 days.2
  • None or very low major cardiac event rate.3







      PDA Occluder (42PDA06) in place.                                                            PDA Occluder (42PDA06) in place.






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