Occlutech ASD Occluder


Designed for excellence and safety



The design of the Flex II ASD Occluder results in an ideal septum alignment which increases its feasibility as well as patient safety during implantation1


  • Optimized braiding pattern and less material at left atrial disc.
  • Titanium oxide coverered Nitinol shows the best values of biocompatibility2 and minimum Nickel release.3
  • Spunbonded PET-patch allows for fast endothelialization.
  • The unique ball-connection between pusher and Occluder safely locks it, while it freely follows the anatomy. Once in place it is easy and fast to deliver.





Recent studies found that transcatheter closure of isolated secundum atrial septal defects using the novel design of the Occlutech ASD Occluder was safe, effective and had an excellent outcome during the 6 months follow-up period4,5

  • Lower pull in forces and improved delivery sheath compatibility.
  • Reduced material exposure.
  • Significant reduced mean procedure and fluoroscopic time compared to other devices (34%).6






 3D TEE image of an implanted Occlutech ASD Occluder                        Perfect alignment of the Occluder to the Septum.                            50° angulation of Flex Pusher vs Occluder hub.





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