Catheter Characteristics
The GHOST PTA™ dilatation catheter is engineered for maximum steerability and pushability. The coaxial shaft design provides a proximal shaft with enhanced column strength for pushability and decreased distal shaft for optimum steerability.

Flexible Balloon
The micro-thin balloon maintains tip flexibility when deflated allowing exceptional trackability through tortuous vessels.

High Pressure Non-compliant Balloon
The GHOST PTA™ dilatation catheter provides a micro-thin, non-compliant balloon with a low profile. It has nominal dimensions at the low end of working range and a high rated burst pressure. The flexible tip is achieved using a tapered tip design. It has minimal winging for improved crossability.

Double Tapered Balloon
The GHOST PTA™ dilatation catheter balloon is tapered at the distal and proximal ends for enhanced transition across the stenosis and post dilatation ease of withdrawal into the introducer.

Vessel Conformability
NuMED balloons have the ability to conform to vessel shape while maintaining maximum inflation pressure. This reduces trauma to delicate vessel intima.

Ghost PTA™ Specifications

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