The Bonhoeffer MULTI-TRACK™ System

The NuMED MULTI-TRACK™ Kit is a well established
innovative system for Mitral Dilatation.
This operator friendly system has the advantages of double balloon techniques while using a simple, single guidewire approach.  The procedure times easily match those of single balloon techniques while achieving consistently higher valve areas post dilatation.  The mismatch of the round shape of a single balloon with the oval mitral orifice probably explains the better results with double balloon dilatation. (Figures A & B)

Text Box: Figure A
30mm Balloon
Text Box: Figure B
Two 18mm Balloons

With the guidewire still in place a MULTI-TRACK™ angiographic catheter is advanced into the left atrium for the measurement of the transmitral gradient after the dilatation.  If the result is satisfactory all catheters can then be removed, otherwise balloons of different sizes could still be advanced over the wire.

* The MULTI-TRACK™ system allows to measure the transmitral gradient  even through a single venous approach. This is obtained by gliding  two  MULTI-TRACK™ angiographic catheters along the wire which is positioned in the mitral orifice.  Therefore the arterial approach routinely used for mitral dilatation can be avoided.

Bonhoeffer MULTI-TRACK™ Mitral Dilatation Kit Contents
•  1 MULTI-TRACK™ balloon dilatation catheter
   (14, 16, 18 or 20 mm in diameter)  X 5 cm in length
•  1 matched Rapid Exchange balloon dilatation catheter
•  1 14F, 70cm Dilator
•  1 MULTI-TRACK™ angiographic catheter (5F X 80 cm)
•  1 Super Stiff, preformed 0.035” guidewire

Each kit is packaged in a 120 cm long box and all catheters are individually pouched thereby maintaining sterile integrity.

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