Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty catheter

Catheter Characteristics
The Z-MED™ high pressure dilatation catheter is a coaxially constructed catheter with a distally mounted non-compliant high pressure balloon. The catheter exhibits a comparable profile to other marketed catheters by also combines this profile with a high pressure balloon suitable for resistant stenosis. The Z-MED™ balloon catheter is available in over 50 configurations ranging in diameter from 2.0 to 40.0 mm.

Radiopaque Marker
Platinum marker bands facilitate reliable positioning of the balloon.

The Z-MED™ PTV balloon has a low deflated profile that maintains tip flexibility. The exceptionally low profile balloon requires the smallest introducer possible. Nominal dimensions are maintained over the entire length of the balloon.

Maximum Trackability
The distal shaft through the balloon is highly flexible for exceptional maneuverability. This, combined with the pushability of the coaxial shaft, provides outstanding tracking performance.

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Screenshot 2018 5 1 NuMED Z Med Page3

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